Saturday Morning at 8 a.m, #347-996-5568, IT’S A HEART MATTER. Join me for the month of January, and my special guests. as we discuss what it means to have a healthy heart. A healthy heart is greater than food and excercise. Let’s have a conversation about it.  Joining me on January 7th is Pastor Sherry Grant who lost over 80 1bs. Let’s talk about how and why she made the choice to reduce her weight and how has it impacted her heart.

Also joining the conversation on Saturday, January 7, 2017 is Dr. Nicole M Alford, Clinical Pyschologist also know as The Good Dr. Nik. Dr. Nicole M. Alford (Dr. Nik) is a D-M-V-based clinical psychologist, Life-ologist, writer & teacher, and dynamic agent of change! In professional practice for almost 20 years, Dr. Nik has a wealth of professional and life experiences that have molded her and poised her help those seeking promotional growth and change. Whether marriage, divorce, adoption, being a minority women trying to smash the glass ceiling and rise above stereotypes, Dr. Nik’s witty wisdom and unique way merge the science of psychology with her life experiences to bring healing and change: both individually and socially.

Me God And A Cup of Coffee is a BlogTalk Radio show created based on the understanding that every morning should begin with a conversation with God. In that coffee is universal and often used by many as a reason to get together to share good or bad news, whether a coffee drinker or not it’s even a reason to relax, we use coffee as a metaphor for a universal invitation for conversation. Our mission is to reach the heart of women by addressing and discussing “Feelings Women Rarely Share”. We believe that the forum should be without prejudice.