Dr. Nicole Alford, professionally and passionately known as “The Good Dr. Nik,” is a licensed psychologist, mental health and social issues commentator, speaker, and advocate. An influential and in-demand authority on mental health, she travels the country answering the tough, but necessary, questions about the crisis of mental illness, inequities in mental health care, and the delicate balance of fame and loss of personal identity.

Intimately understanding the skillset and the mindset that it takes to serve them, she’s shifted her focus to reaching those who have everything but a personal psychologist who, behind closed doors, can help them to align their true selves with their new selves. From the young NBA superstar who balled his way to mansions, multi-millions, and mayhem to the wife silently suffering while publicly smiling through her husband’s latest scandal, Dr. Nik’s office is where clients find peace between who they really are and who the world expects them to be.

An avid activist, she also brings her voice and passion to the platforms of organizations such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness, to raise awareness and fundraising dollars for quality mental health care for underserved communities.