SHE Power

Find Yourself and Your Ultimate Truth by Understanding Your Past to Step Boldly Into YOUR Future


Understand Issues From Your Past Holding You Back

Release Negative Emotions Blocking Your Happiness

Bring Back The Fire In Your Relationships

Restore Your Natural Motivation And Pursue Your Dream Life

Calm, Clarity, Cognizance and Confidence – SHE Power is about feeling perfectly at peace with yourself and the other people in your world, finally getting “comfortable in your own skin” no matter what the situation.

First, it’s about becoming aware of and then transforming your negative emotions into positive energy, “fueling” the good things in your life, leading to more fulfilling relationships, and restoring your natural motivation will help you get there.

Soon, you’ll no longer be worrying about anyone else’s opinions – you’ll be the one that people look up to for advice and guidance.

I’m not sure HOW you made it here today, but I can guess WHY.


Have you been feeling…

  • STUCK in life, experiencing “déjà vu” (different year, same issues)
  • Frustrated that you haven’t been able to make the changes you need to get to the place you want to be?
  • Settling for stagnant, unfulfilling relationships?
  • Feeling like something’s gotta change but unable to identify what or how?

And because of my 22 years of clinical experience I know this: Pain is the great motivator, so if you identified with any of those points above, keep reading. You’re ready to make a change!

ANY emotional distress you have can be healed and turned into something positive that brings you closer to living the life of your dreams.

Would you be surprised to learn that even celebrities have these problems? And I should know because I’m one of the few [psychologists] who works with them on challenges just like these.


  • Dropping the “act” and finally getting real with what you really want.
  • Stepping into your true self with more courage than ever.
  • Having the confidence to try new situations that you dream of.
  • Reigniting your romantic life and connections with others.
  • Bringing your “A Game” every day – without even trying.
  • Amazing freedom like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

You’ll experience a change in every area of your life: more opportunities and money in your career, confidence that your friends and family notice immediately, the feeling of being true to yourself every day – [PLUS/AND] so much more!

Tending To The Garden In Your Mind


SHE Power is about identifying and becoming conscious of the negative energy zapping your focus and keeping you from moving forward. Just like weeds, negativities will keep coming back if you don’t pull their roots from the ground and plant beautiful flowers in their place.

While other programs might help you set goals and feel motivated for a short period of time, they never get down to the root causes… and because of that, hardly anyone makes the long-term changes needed to becomes who they want to be.

That’s why SHE Power works, even for those who have tried other programs in the past that didn’t prevent the cycle of negative emotions from coming back again.

By Exploring and Analyzing Your Past With Me, You’ll Discover…

  • What is really growing in the “garden of your mind”
  • What destructive habits and thought patterns are doing to you
  • How to uproot them and plant good things in those spots
  • How have you been keeping you from being your best YOU!

By tending the garden in your mind, you’ll get off the rollercoaster of negative emotions and face every situation with a strength unlike anything you’ve ever known!

Relationship Revitalization


When was the last time your relationships were TRULY exciting and filled you with fuel and positive energy? By dissecting past relationships, SHE Power helps you re-ignite the romance and the adventure in your relationships.

You’ll also:

  • Discover who your “tribe” is
  • Forgive past wounds from other women, or men
  • Discover the tendencies and patterns behind your romantic choices
  • Stop letting your relationships define you and taking charge of them!

The Vision Behind This Program


I’m Dr. Nicole Alford, professionally and passionately known as “The Good Dr. Nik.” I created this program because I know the powerless feeling of despair you begin to feel when your negative thoughts and emotions have you by the throat and won’t let go.

I’ve worked with many clients over the years, even some of the highest-ranking government officials when I was with the CIA, and more recently as a celebrity psychologist helping answer questions about fame and the loss of one’s personal identity. Helping people gain self-awareness, identify their stuck points and push past their fears to move towards that life that was always meant for them.

And I can tell you that everyone has these feelings, and even the people we all look up to fall down sometimes, and let their relationships go.

It’s when you forget how to live in a way that makes you happy, or when you have to find something new and you don’t know how, that you could be in trouble.

But the good news is there are life-changing, proven strategies for creating permanent changes in your life and that’s what this program will teach you.

It will teach you to be better than you ever were, with even more enthusiasm for life and the empowerment to go and make your BIG impact on everything you do – your “thumbprint on life.”

The only question is:

Do you care enough about yourself to say YES and get started with this program today?

Everything You Get With SHE Power


In this program, you are going to learn very powerful therapeutic tools strategically laid out in a process that will lead to an emotional freedom unlike anything else you’ve experienced before.

6 Webinar Lessons – These webinars for emotional empowerment and freedom have names like, “Sister, Sister”, “Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself”, “WoMan in the Mirror”, and “This Girl Is On Fire” and promises to be entertaining, real, as well as informative.

PLUS…  As an added bonus… You’ll get a free call with me!!!

You’ll Love…

  • Finally being “unstuck” from this dark time of your life
  • Feeling “comfortable in your skin” for perhaps the first time in your life
  • Knowing exactly how to navigate your relationships from here on out
  • And having the confidence to question situations, and make moves based upon your good!


When you finish SHE Power, you will be in masterful control of your life and your emotions, not the other way around!

And ultimately, you’ll become the strong, confident, happy and COURAGEOUS woman you’ve always been meant to be, BUT….

The key is to take action NOW. Your new life is waiting…

get she power